50 Random Facts About Me

Hello again everyone!

Welcome to the next instalment of Diaries of a Dramatic. I thought it would be cool to do a few random facts about me in this post, considering this is quite a new blog! So here goes…


  1. I’m majorly into Astrology. If you’re interested, I’m a Cancer on the Gemini cusp.
  2. My family nickname me Piglet, or Piggy. Charming, I know!
  3. I love poetry and often read it in my spare time.
  4. My eyes change from blue to green day-to-day, but are an aquamarine colour most of the time. They also have a jagged yellow ring around the pupil, which kind of freaks me out and makes me think I’m probably an alien.
  5. I have absolutely no piercings, not even my ears!
  6. My favourite film is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
  7. My favourite colour is Tiffany blue / mint green.
  8. I currently have 254 books on my Goodreads ‘to-read’ list.
  9. I’m a vegetarian, but still obsessed with Nandos. Their quinoa and avocado salad is incredible!
  10. I’m completely obsessed with the docu-drama ‘Home Fires’ and I’m praying so hard that they make another season!
  11. I have anxiety and panic disorder and was diagnosed when I was 17 years old.
  12. I identify as a Buddhist. I will definitely be doing some posts on that.
  13. I’m a whole-hearted believer of the spiritual world and the supernatural! I’ve visited mediums and clairvoyants in the past, I love palm reading and astrology, and own a set of tarot cards.
  14. I’m obsessed with yoga and pilates and try to practice them daily.
  15. I really dislike the taste of green smoothies, but I force myself to drink them because they’re healthy!
  16. I’m addicted to pretty stationary. Even if I don’t need it, I buy it!
  17. Further to that, I also have an obsession with homeware. I can’t wait to decorate my own house!
  18. I love languages. I’m semi-fluent in French, and at beginner levels in both German and Italian. I’m hoping to take up another language in about two years and I’d like it to either be Dutch or Russian.
  19. I’m a major hypochondriac.
  20. I’m a very ambitious person.
  21. I’m an introvert, which makes me very socially shy. Some people can take this as rudeness, which is not me at all.
  22. I always talk in my sleep, and normally quite vivaciously.
  23. I can remember my dreams every single night. Mostly I have really vivid nightmares or else I just dream pure nonsense.
  24. I have a really sarcastic sense of humour.
  25. I used to model as a teenager, but it was never something I really wanted to pursue.
  26. I have never drunk alcohol in my life. It’s just something that has never really interested me. It probably has something to do with my anxiety but it’s never bothered me and I’m able to have a perfectly good time without it.
  27. I’m horrific at small talk.
  28. I studied Law and Politics and have a huge interest in politics still.
  29. I’m an INFP personality type according to Myers-Briggs.
  30. I would prefer a week exploring a city with lots of history and culture than a week lying in the sun.
  31. I took fast paced higher level maths in the Leaving Cert even though I could barely manage long division.
  32. I’ve had my provisional driver’s license for five years now, but hate driving so much. It just freaks me out.
  33. I’m a huge animal-lover. My favourites are tigers, panthers, and jaguars.
  34. I subscribe to the ‘Met On Demand’ and I watch and re-watch all of my favourite operas constantly.
  35. I’m overly protective of my sheet music and scores.
  36. I’m a big reader and I love reading actual books rather than off of a kindle or other tablet. I like to break the spine and make little notes of my thoughts in the margins, and there’s no smell better than book paper!
  37. Harry Potter is just everything to me. I grew up with it, and I re-read the books on a regular basis. You can guarantee there are going to be lots of Harry Potter posts on here.
  38. My skin is so pale I’m pretty sure I’d give Snow White a run for her money, and yet I’ve never even once been sunburnt.
  39. I’m a complete city girl.
  40. I can’t see four feet ahead of me without my contact lenses.
  41. I’m tall enough, 5 foot 7 and a half inches, but my feet are only a 3 and a half.
  42. I am SO easy to scare and I jump at literally everything. It’s worse if I know it’s coming. Complete walking paradox!
  43. I have never been into playing sports, but I’m good at horse-riding and took lessons for years, and I love swimming. I’m also always in the gym and I have attachment issues with my yoga mat.
  44. I get really bad travel anxiety and don’t like long journeys, be it in a car, on a train, plane or boat. I get seasick, car sick, and panic on planes.
  45. I do my best to meditate at least twice a day.
  46. I use lots and lots of essential oils.
  47. I really hate confrontation and try to avoid it where I can.
  48. I’m a dog person and find it very hard to warm to cats.
  49. I have a bucket list that is four pages long.
  50. I have no idea where life may lead me, but I’m cool with just wandering around trying to find my path.

So there you go! 50 random facts about me, let me know in the comments if you relate to any of the above!

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