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Crystals are a huge part of my life and my spirituality. I use them in meditation and like to display them in clusters around my house. I’m starting a series of blog posts here all about how to care about crystals, what crystals you can use in different scenarios, and how to use crystals to enhance your life.

For those of you who don’t know, I mostly identify as Buddhist. However I also belief in some aspects of the Wicca faith. Crystals are not tied to any one religion, and yet they are used by people of all faiths, and people who are athiest and agnostic. Spirituality is a very personal thing, but crystals can apply to us all.

There are certain astrological connections to each crystal too, which could add as a further anchor that draws us to it, but personally it’s not something I’ve looked too much into.



Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is everybody’s favourite crystal. It’s probably one of the most popular crystals out there, and it is very beautiful. Rose Quartz is related to the heart chakra and is commonly known as the “Love Stone”.  It can be used to balance all kinds of love, but especially is related to self love. I read in a book that it was “a bubble bath for the emotions” and I thought that was the cutest thing ever! It’s not a stone I’m hugely drawn to but I do have a rose gold pendulum pictured below.

Astrologically it is connected to Taurus and Libra.


Clear Spirit Quartz

Clear quartz can be used to heal any and all of the chakras. I like to use it in connection with other crystals to add strength to them. If I’m doing a normal meditation, I’ll do it while holding some clear quartz, or if I’m lying down, placing it either over the third eye or heart chakra. It can be very helpful in channelling the energy in your body into certain ideas, plans, or actions. It very much aids focus in meditation and is known as a “feel better stone”. It’s very good for re-energising yourself after an emotional exhaustion. Physically it is great for pain relief and low energy. It supports all meditations at each stage of the meditation process. It is not realted to any one chakra.

Astrologically it is connected to all of the zodiac.



Malachite is another crystal for the heart chakra. It promotes emotional balance and brings a sense of calm while removing unnecessary worry. It is also known to facilitate dream interpretation and meditation. I know I will always meditate with malachite instead of rose quartz if I feel a disturbance in my heart chakra. I feel rose quartz will gently heal the heart chakra over time, but malachite will smash through emotional blocks and speed your recovery from them.  Physically, it’s known to be great for the immune system, and your heart and lungs.

Astrologically it is connected to Capricorn and Scorpio.



Citrine is one of my favourite crystals. It is a variety of quartz crystal where the colour is the result of heat from volcanic activity, and I just find it so cool that I have a piece of that earth in my bedroom. Citrine is aknown as “the Money Stone” and a lot of people use it to help manifest money using the law of attraction. It’s also very helpful to anyone trying to sell your home, and it’s recommend you put a small stone in each room, or else one big cluster at the entrance. Personally I have a small cluster of Citrine and I use it to heal the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the chakra that I most often struggle with. It gets blocked easily for me and it often manifests in nausea and stomach aches. The stone balances yin and yang energies within you, can help you make decisions and aids digestion. It helps to clear out emotional toxins.

Astrologically connected to Gemini, Aries, Libra and Leo.



Amythst is another favourite of mine. It is connected to the Crown chakra so is a very spiritual stone. Personally, I find it very effective in meditation and in connecting to that higher level of self. It is very calming, and I meditate with it when I am feeling particularly anxious. It also boosts your aura and in doing so gives you protection and promotes self-esteem. It is a very spiritual stone and can be used to help all kinds of mental health problems.

Astrologically connected to Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is another “feel good stone” that I love to meditate with. It has been described as a “formidable of awareness”. It is particularly associated with the third eye chakra, which in my opinion is a chakra most people have trouble with. This crystal can boost psychic abilities if you have a natural gift or skill, can bring relaxation and aid creative expression. It promotes balance between yin and yang energies. Physically ir boosts the immune system and vitality.

It’s astrologically association is with Sagittarius.


Blue Lace Agate

This is one of the prettiest crystals in my opinion. The pretty blue colour is very soothing and calming, which I think ties in very well with the throat chakra. It is a very gentle crystal, and provides you with balance and emotional stability. It improves communication on all levels, and helps you to put across your words in an empathetic, yet direct way. It has been known to increase the power of attunement to certain spiritual energies also. Pysically it is good for any speech or throat issues, eyesight and tired eyes.

It’s astrologically association is Pisces.



The last of my “feel better stone” collection, carnelian is associated with the sacral chakra. In meditation, it can really provide you with strength to continue. It boosts your personal sense of pwoer and self-esteem. It cam give you courage and helps dispel negative emotions. It will eventually lead you to confidence, inquisitiveness and beat away confusion, lethargy, apathy and laziness. Physically it boosts the apetitie, and I have personally found this to be effective.

Astrologically connected to Taurus, Cancer and Leo.


Red Jasper

This stone is connected with the root chakra. It is very good for meditation in which you wish to ground yourself. It has been known to aid rebirth, as in the idea od death and rebirth like the Buddhist teaching of reincarnation. It also can refer to fresh starts and new beginnings. It promotes the survival instinct and boosts dream recall. It can also reduce stress, worry and anxiety. It is a general tonic for the body, helping to prevent illness.

Astrologically connected to Taurus and Aries.


Would anyone be interested in me doing an overview of the seven chakras? I think it’s a really interesting subject that more people should know about their bodies. It can be the key to a whole new lease of life and health.




  1. June 12, 2017 / 6:19 pm

    This post is so helpful for a crystal beginner like me! In the last couple of months, I’ve really started to look more in depth at crystals, and I think it’s something I want to start getting involved with. I’ve only heard good results about how they can help, during meditation, for example, so will be bookmarking this post to come back to!

    Becca x

    • June 12, 2017 / 9:16 pm

      Becca this is one of the loveliest comments I’ve gotten! Thank you so much. I’m so glad you’re delving into the world of crystals, they really are amazing things! Would you mind if I gave your blog a shoutout on my Instagram / Snapchat story? I just checked out your blog and I love it, especially your ‘Friendships Can Break Your Heart Too’ post! x

      • June 12, 2017 / 10:16 pm

        Go for it girlie! So happy you like my blog too, especially that post. It was really hard to write but I think we all go through it! Can’t wait to get started on my crystal journey x

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