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Goooood morning guys! I hope you all are doing well today.

Can you believe we’re here at November again? My brain just can’t process how quickly this year has gone by, I’m still dating everything as April 2016. Albeit slightly frightening, we’re fast approaching the cosiest time of the year! Those of you who know me well know how much I love to just relax on a dark night in front of the fireplace, under a blanket, watching films with my sleepy puppy curled up on my lap. Is there anything lovelier?

So with that, I thought I would answer some of these autumnal questions that I found on Tumblr! The original post and account will be linked below.

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Is Autumn your favourite season? Why/why not?
Winter is actually my favourite season! I quite like Autumn, though mainly for the warm and beautiful clothes.

What’s your favourite drink to keep your insides warm?
Honestly, I don’t drink many hot drinks… I don’t drink hot chocolate or coffee, and I try to stay away from caffeine in general. If I am going to have a hot drink it will definitely be tea, and most likely it will be herbal. My favourites at the moment are peppermint and lemon.

What’s your favourite book to read straight through on a rainy day?
You can guarantee I get more reading done in Autumn than I do any other season. The weather getting colder is just an excuse for me to curl up on a chair and read copious amounts of books. I don’t re-read many books, just because I like to keep growing my reading list and discovering new books and stories. But, the books I do re-read are the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling or Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. They’re definitely my favourites.

What’s your favourite garment/accessory for fall?
Big oversized scarfs. Knee/thigh high boots. Leather jacket. Ready to go!

Do you go leaf-picking?
You know I used to do this ALL THE TIME when I was younger. I think I probably will do it next year. There are some really cool DIY leaf-decor ideas over on my Pinterest board ‘Autumn Leaves Are Falling’. (

Where do you like to go hiking?
Shamefully, I don’t hike very often. Instead, I’ll tell you that my favourite places to go for long walks in Dublin are Howth head, the Botanic Gardens, and the Clontarf Seafront.

Where’s your favourite place to be during this amazing season?
Exactly what I said at the start of this post, under a blanket, in front of the fire, reading a book. There is nowhere better!

Fairy lights or desk lamps?
Why do I have to choose?? I use both of these! Fairy lights are absolutely beautiful and just make me generally very happy, but they aren’t very good at providing actual lighting when I need to do some work. So I have desk lamps for sheer practicality.

Binge-watching a TV show/movie or binge-reading?
Ahhhh this question is HORRIFIC. I’m going to have to say binge-reading…

Record players or Spotify playlists?
I don’t use either of these!

Sweaters or blankets?
Blankets!! 100% blankets.

Slippers or fuzzy socks?
I used to always be more of a slippers-kind-of-gal, but I’m totally in love with these new slipper socks I got from ASOS in the picture attached! They’ll be linked below.

Sweatpants or jeans?
If I’m out and about? Jeans. If I’m doing anything/everything else? Sweatpants.

Scarves or turtlenecks?
Okay, so as much as I love polo neck jumpers sometimes if they’re made of a particular material they can make me feel very claustrophobic. Sooooo I’m gonna go with comfort and scarves.

Fire in a fireplace or a bonfire?
I’m definitely more of a fireplace girl. My introvert traits are really shining brightly through this blog…..

Hot tea, hot chocolate, or hot coffee?
Hot herbal tea!

Autumn poems or autumn quotes?
There are so many beautiful autumn poems that I’ve seen and loved so I’ll have to go with poetry.

Sleeping in or getting up to watch the sunrise?
I prefer to get up early most days because it just makes me so much more productive.

Apple-picking or pumpkin-picking?
I’ve never done either! I much prefer apples, however, I think pumpkin picking would be such a fun experience!

Finally, what is your favourite thing about Autumn?
By the end of the summer, I get very fed up of being too warm all the time, so I love when the colder weather starts to come in and we can wear long sleeves and jumpers again!

And that is it, guys! Let me know some of your answers to these questions! Do you prefer to go out more in Autumn or do you stay in like I do?

Until next time!

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