Anxiety Coping Toolbox

If you’ve ever had a panic or anxiety attack, you know that it totally debilitates you. Everything you’re told to do when you get one just flies straight out of your brain and you end up panicking even more that you SHOULD know how to handle it, but can’t.

To me, there is nothing more frightening that enduring a panic attack alone, and you can’t think of what to do to calm down. This is why I’ve created my own ‘Anxiety Coping Toolbox’.

This is an idea that was inspired by Pinterest, where I love to spend hours upon hours creating vision boards and plans! Come over and say hi if you have it!

Okay, so some of the bigger things you might include in your anti-anxiety coping box are a soft blanket, a yoga mat, and a meditation pillow. Personally, I overheat when I have a panic attack, but as soon as it wears off, I’m shivering and shaking from the cold and shock. This is why I’ve included a blanket. A yoga mat is a great one if you find practice will calm you down, and you might also include a yoga DVD to guide you. I use my meditation pillow as a mind trigger for me to practice some mindfulness and give my brain some space just to breathe and be present.

Some things I think are great for everything is something that will distract your mind. This totally depends on the person, but my favourites are crossword puzzles, or mindful colouring books. You might enjoy sudoku or aptitude tests, but just include something that will force you to put your thoughts and energy into something else, that isn’t the panic attack.

Appeal to your olfactory senses and pick up some essential oils and scented candles. I love to use mindfulness candles, I got the one pictured below in Fortnum and Mason’s London. The best essential oils to calm the mind are peppermint, lemon, and lavender.

I use Dr. Bach’s Herbal Remedies all the time when I’m feeling anxious and I love them so much. I keep some of these products in my anxiety coping box so that I always have something to rely on. Another thing you could add is a calming herbal tea you like. I would avoid normal caffeinated tea though as caffeine tends to fuel anxiety.

When I’m anxious, I find it really really hard to eat anything and sometimes I’ll forget to eat if I’m having an anxious day. I always keep a few protein bars here because you should never go a day without eating unless you’re actually really sick.

Keep some water along with this so that you don’t get dehydrated.

I keep a notebook and pen in here too full of affirmations. I also write what I’m panicking about at the back of it so that it gets the thought out of bed head and onto the page, as I find this always brings me some clarity.

Some other things you can include in your anxiety coping toolbox are cards from supportive people, a beloved stuffed animal, healing crystals, a gratitude journal, a meditation CD, or a stress ball.

I really hope this helped in some way to anyone suffering from anxiety or any other mental health issues that this may help with. Sending much love to you all and I’ll see you in my next one! xx



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