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Just as a general disclaimer, these are the anxious thoughts that have daily. This does not mean that it will look like your mental illness, or that I think the same way you do during mentally ill periods. Just because my experiences may be different to your own, does not mean they are any less valid, and vice vearsa. Everyone’s anxiety looks different, and that is perfectly okay and normal.

Possible trigger warnings for those of you suffering from mental health issues. Anxious thoughts / restrictive thoughts.

“Do they like me?”

“Shit, do I even like them anymore??”

“Yes, you love this person, calm down.”

“Holy fuck what if they don’t like me.”

“I’m irritating them.”

“I’m not good enough to be here.”

“It would be so much easier if I just died.”

“It would be so much easier for everyone else if I wasn’t a part of their lives.”

“They’re angry at me.”

“They’re just saying they’re not angry because they don’t want to talk about it.”

“Do they even like me anymore?”

“I’m a burden on everyone.”

“I feel this way because of how I’ve been treated in the past.”

“You want me to go outside????”

“Plan an escape route for absolutely everywhere you go, just in case.”

“What if I get sick when I’m out?”

“What if someone hurts me?”

“What if I collapse?”

“What if any harm comes to the people I love?”

“Have I lied to myself my whole life? Do I even know who I am?”

“Is this a real thought, or is it my anxiety?”

“My brain lies to me on a daily basis.”

“I don’t want to eat today in case it makes me sick.”

“I don’t want to eat today in case something happens.”

“This is something I don’t know or have never experienced – panic mode sets in.”

“What was that noise?”

“I’m not safe anywhere I go.”

“What if that person who I’m afraid of does something to completely ruin my life or the people I care about.”

“What happens if my family get sick of me?”

“Will I ever be free of this?”

“Should I just go on medication and be done with it?”

“Therapy is the best way forward for me, I am strong enough to face this.”

“I am not strong enough to face this.”

“I don’t remember what being happy even feels like.”

“I really need a hug.”

“I don’t want anyone to touch me.”

Counselling is something that has helped my anxiety immensely. Something I wish I knew about years ago is BetterHelp, a professional online counselling service with a mission to provide affordable, convenient and accessible counselling to those who need it. Find out why an online psychiatrist might be for you here:

As always, I am not a healthcare professional and you should always consult your doctor before making any decisions regarding your health, both physical and mental.

*This post is sponsored by BetterHelp. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



  1. Meera
    November 16, 2017 / 9:01 am

    I have a lot of these same thoughts and really sucks. I used to struggle with the ‘do they even like me anymore’ So much but I’ve slowly got better at dealing with it. It’s so important to talk about anxiety and mental health, Great post.

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

    • December 1, 2017 / 8:20 pm

      Thank you, it is really important to keep the conversation going. I’m really glad you’re getting better at coping, it can be so so tough!

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