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We’ve had an unusual bout of beautiful weather here in Dublin this summer. Two days ago, we took advantage of the sunshine and headed to St. Anne’s Park in Clontarf for a walk and to get some fresh air. On our way home, we decided that we’d call into the famous Bay Restaurant on the Clontarf Seafront.

I had heard so many wonderful reports of Bay. It was originally my uncle’s favourite restaurant, who then introduced it to his sister (my aunt) and her husband, and it’s now frequented by a lot of my family who have nothing but high praise for it. I thought to myself that it always looked very nice from the outside, but admittedly it was quite pricey and I just wasn’t sure it was going to live up to all of the hype.

I don’t know why I have a tendency to think badly of something once it’s hyped up too much. But anyway, we decided to call in just to look at a lunch menu, and maybe have a refreshing drink before heading home.

We were so struck by the calming and welcoming atmosphere that we ended up ordering food too. They have clearly taken inspiration from the Irish Sea that the restaurant overlooks, as there are lovely blue and sea-foam-white details all around the place. The chairs and tables are kind of a distressed wood and it has a very high-class, elegant vibe, and to be honest I did feel a little underdressed in my denim shorts, gym shoes and oversized black t-shirt after having walked all around the forest areas of St. Anne’s. But the staff were incredibly lovely, and never made us feel out of place.

What you’re all here for, I suppose, is to know what the food was like. I can very gladly say that it didn’t disappoint. As we only called in spur of the moment we ordered from their lunch menu. Aaron ordered a Club Sandwich (which was far from your average club sandwich) and both myself and Elaine got the House Salad. One thing I will say is that they definitely lacked when it came to vegetarian options. They were quite limited, and there was absolutely¬†no vegan options. I can get around that easily enough just by asking for certain ingredients to be removed, but it can be tedious and a little annoying as someone who doesn’t eat animal products. But this is not a problem exclusive to Bay, it is a very common problem among those of us with restricted diets.

The food most certainly didn’t disappoint. The club sandwich was by all accounts delicious and quite unusual for its kind, both in appearance and quality. The house salad was beautiful in my opinion, and came with an unusual but delicious mango dressing. I would also say that as a high-class luxurious restaurant of such high quality, the expensive price is fully justified.

I had a look at some of their other menus and I will most definitely be returning to try both their breakfast and brunch menus, which look absolutely gorgeous. You can guarantee I’ll be going back here a lot, especially as I was offered a loyalty card! I was so excited that they offered this!

The area is of course beautiful too. Clontarf is a lovely seaside area of Dublin and the seafront is packed full of lovely boutiques, cafes, and restaurants for you to explore. Only a stone’s throw away from Dollymount Beach and St. Anne’s Park, there is an awful lot to keep you occupied if you were to go for a day trip to Clontarf.

And so I would fully recommend that you try out the beautiful Bay next time you are around Clontarf or North Dublin in general. I guarantee you will be impressed!

That is all for today’s post so from my heart to yours, Namaste xx



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  1. Lucy
    August 17, 2017 / 1:10 pm

    Love Bay. Morning, lunch or dinner – all good.

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