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Today I feel like a headless chicken as I have exactly one hour to write and edit this blog post. So I do apologise if this blog post feels rushed! I was thinking of scrapping the post altogether but all of my content for the next week or so is planned out but I really wanted to show a little bit of support to the blogging community, so here I am typing furiously, hair standing straight on top of my head and blinking a little bit too much due to caffeine increase. Bare with me, folks!

As we draw near the end of the month, it’s time to post what blog posts I’ve been absolutely loving this month. Trying to narrow it down to just five was genuinely one of the hardest things to do this month. Usually there’s been one or two really amazing posts I’ve read during the month that just stay with me, yet this month there’s been so so many of them! It’s like everyone has kicked into January-resolutions modes and is determined to smash all of their content goals. Which is so amazing!!

Half of the links that were on this post actually were accidentally deleted. There were originally over 25 blog posts listed here, and I’m going to take it as the Universe doing the narrowing down for me because these were the five blog posts left after the accidental delete. Which I am totally fine with because all of this posts were incredibly to me. So now I’ll stop my rambling and tell you about the posts I’ve loved in January!

Brogan Tate : Tips for Attending Blogging Events

Brogan kicked off the beginning of the month absolutely fantastically with this awesome post. I found it to be really informative and helpful especially to a new blogger like me who’s not too familiar with ‘Blogger Event Etiquette’.

IntheFrow: 5 Small Ways to Help Protect the Planet

I don’t know if anyone will ever know how happy I am that a blogger like Victoria, with this large a following, is talking about saving the planet. Not only that, but her blog post was incredibly factual and helpful with real ways people can start changing their lives to help out our planet a little more. There’s a whole blog and Youtube series coming to Diaries of a Dramatic all about this topic very very soon too so if you liked Victoria’s post, you might want to follow this blog and subscribe to my Youtube channel here…. horrifically shameless self-promotion but go on, I know you want to!

Vix Meldrew: How to Stand Out When You Were Born to Blend In

Admittedly the title of this post made me laugh at myself, because there have been so many times I have felt like this, and I would find it hard to believe that there’s anyone out there who hasn’t felt this way! Vix’s post is honest in a really relatable and admirable way. Her tips are bang on target and her humour scattered throughout honestly makes for the most entertaining blog post I’ve read in a while that actually gives me something back from it, as well.

The Blonde Abroad: Tips to Conquering Your Fear of Flying

Kiersten’s blog is honestly my wanderlust list in blog format. As much as I love reading about all of the amazing places she’s visited, it was so nice, refreshing, and helpful to see post pop up on my BlogLovin’ feed. I have severe panic attacks when I get on planes and it’s something I’ve been struggling with now for years. Kiersten’s tips are really helpful and it’s nice to see that even she, who travels so much and is always on flights, gets anxious in those situations.

GracieFrancesca: How to Pitch Yourself to Brands for Collaborations

Let’s all be honest and ask ourselves when Grace doesn’t absolutely slay a blog post? The answer is probably never. And it’s no exception here! As a new blogger, seeing the situation that unfolded a week or so ago was unnerving, and yet seeing the blogging community’s response was uplifting. Brand collaborations are essential to the survival of this career path for so many, and yet so many people look down on bloggers for taking them. The majority of bloggers I know will only ever accept a brand deal if they love the brand, who would even want to work with a brand they didn’t like? I think people most definitely need to trust that most bloggers won’t abuse their following for financial gain and promote bad products / services. It’s just not how this business works! There is a trust element that cannot be gotten back after it has been broken.

What have been your favourite blog posts of this month? Leave them linked down below so I can check them out!


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