Blogging Christmas Wishlist | BLOGMAS DAY 13

QUICK NOTE: Just before I started writing this blog post, I’ve been hit in the face with some inspiration. I’ve been thinking back to when I first started blogging, and I could really have used more advice. I didn’t really know what to do, how to present myself online, and how to do well in blogging. So… if it’s something you guys would want, I’m going to start a whole series on my blog dedicated to helping new bloggers, sharing all my tips and tricks I’ve picked up in the industry this far! Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in?

Ahhh my blogging wishlist. To be honest, this list is a never-ending one. Those of us who blog will know that it can get quite expensive, when it comes to all the equipment that we need in order to make our content the absolute best quality it can be. So without much of an introduction, here is my blogging Wishlist, that hopefully I can reduce as the year goes on!

Canon EOS 70D

This is the camera of dreams, to be honest. I’ve seen so many YouTubers using this to film their main channel videos and I think it looks so amazing and produces stunning quality of videos and pictures alike. I haven’t quite looked into lenses yet, but I will for sure let you know when I find one I love!

Olympus Pancake Lens

Those of you who have been following me for a little while will know my latest obsession with my Olympus Pen EPL-8 (you can see me unbox it here!) The pancake lens is supposed to be amazing for vlogging, and personally I find the kit lens just a bit too zoomed in when it comes to recording. So I think the pancake lens would take my vlogging to another level. Have I told you on my blog yet that I’m going to be weekly vlogging in the New Year?? I don’t think I have! Head on over and subscribe to my YouTube channel now to keep up to date! I’m also doing Vlogmas over there so you have lots of content to catch up on!

Olympus 75mm Lens

Again, I think this is the lens of bloggers dreams. It gives an absolutely beautiful depth of field that is so perfect for outfit photos that every time I see it I completely lust after it. A cool ¬£700 will be exiting my bank account soon, I think….

Diva Ring Light

Ring lights are the queens of the lighting world, it seems. At the moment I’m working with two soft box lights and I absolutely adore them, but I would love to try out a ring light and see how it looks with my content!

Lightroom Photo (editing software)

Something I need to invest in sooner rather than later is a good photo editing software for my MacBook. Too many times have I been caught out by a hideous background or a shadow across half of my face… enough is enough! I’ve heard amazing things about Lightroom so I will definitely be investing soon.

Final Cut Pro (editing software)

Ahhh video editing. Something I love sometimes, and makes me want to gauge my eyes out other times. Not that I don’t love iMovie, I really do. But I have to say, it is quite restrictive. I know it would take me an age and a half to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, but I think it will really boost the quality of my videos to a whole other level.

Lots of props!

Props are something I have a slight obsession with. I can spend literal hours organising and reorganising my flatlays until I’m 100% happy with them. Probably seems like an immense waste of time to some of you, but that’s just the perfectionism in me shining through!

Endless Wardrobe

Finally, what else would¬†anyone want, let alone a blogger? Admittedly I would love a completely new wardrobe to take pretty photos of. But there are going to be lots and lots of new fashion content going live in the new year… I hope you’re excited!!


So that’s everything that’s on my blogging Christmas wishlist! If you’re a blogger, what’s your absolute must-have item right now? And would you be interested in advice for bloggers going live on my blog soon? Let me know in the comments below! Can’t wait to chat with you xxx


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