Book Club | Wrap Up, Relaunch, and November Announcement!!

Welcome back to the second Dramatic Reads book club post! Firstly, I’d like to apologise that this video is going up on a Thursday and not a Monday, give me a second to explain. I’ve had a really tough weekend that consisted of two very serious and terrifying medical scares in my family. I was on edge the entire day and never got around the finishing the post. The events of the weekend made my PTSD flare up really badly and it’s been tough trying to get back to normal. I really am so grateful for your patience!

I have also decided, after some feedback, that the direction of this book club is changing slightly. We will now be reading books of a particular genre, that being motivational, self development and spirituality. I’m really excited to be taking the book club in this direction and I hope you guys are too!

Our November book is one by the phenomenal Louise Hay. It is ‘The Power is Within You‘ as chosen by twitter poll and you can buy it here at a discounted rate.

For now, let’s get reviewing our last book! In October we were reading The Shadow Queen by CJ Redwine. Personally I love fairy tale retellings, and the Shadow Queen is a retelling of the classic fairytale, Snow White. I ended up giving this book 4/5 stars, and keep reading to find out why!

Firstly, the characters. I really liked Lorelei, our heroine. I found her to be an incredibly strong female lead, and a normalcy about her that was very relatable. She has been through hardships that I would liked to have seen explored more in the book, but overall I thought she was well developed and very likely. The next character that I quite liked was Irina, who is our villain, the infamous Queen of Ravenspire. I liked how a little bit of her backstory was shared throughout the book, and there was a maliciousness about her that reminded me of a Brother’s Grimm tale. Kol was a character I liked less, as I found him to be very stereotypical hero that lacked a certain depth that would have made him more interesting. He seemed two-dimensional to me, and I would have liked a little bit more about the Draconi dual-hearts with a little more backstory for Eldr too.

The element of magic in this story I absolutely loved. I loved the language used to invoke heart magic, and the exploration of a willing heart versus one that has to be forced, and how that effects theĀ mardushka and her power. I found that to be very true to magic in our world.

The writing was really lovely to read. It read as a typical fairy tale with a certain modern twist about the writing style.

The pacing was good too, as I found the events of the book were well spaced and there was a general quickness of the pace which made the book exciting. I do like to read long drawn out books that have lots of description, but something quick like this really does provide a nice break for me.

What do you think of The Shadow Queen? Are you excited for the new direction Dramatic Reads is taking?! Let me know!


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