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Mascara. Something most women would say is the ultimate staple in our makeup bags. To be honest, I’m happy to go makeup free as long as I can coat my lashes with a lick of mascara. It’s the ultimate confidence booster for me, and I feel so much more put together when I’m wearing it.

If you guys have followed me for a while, I think it’ll be pretty obvious to you that Charlotte Tilbury is one of my all time favourite brands. There was a time in my life when my whole face of makeup would be Charlotte Tilbury products.

As someone who doesn’t wear false eye-lashes, I like to try and keep my eyelashes as healthy, long and thick as possible, so choosing a mascara that isn’t going to damage my natural lashes is very important to me. Ultimately, I’d also recommend getting a very gentle eye-makeup remover, and learning the proper technique for removing it so that you’re not rubbing and pulling at your eyes.

I have only ever really loved three mascaras in my life. They were Chanel’s Inimitable Intense Mascara, Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes and Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes (links to buy all at the bottom!). I think you can tell, but today I’m going to be reviewing and comparing the two Charlotte products mentioned.

I started off using the Full Fat Lashes because it was her only mascara out at the time I purchased it. It’s a beautiful black mascara that glides really easily onto your eye-lashes, leaving absolutely no clumps or spidery-looking lashes.

I think the Full Fat Lashes give a very natural but full look, thanks to their 5-grooved brush with fine-tipped bristles to catch every single lash.

Then when Legendary Lashes came out, I was even more blown away than I was with Full Fat Lashes, because this mascara gave me a much more dramatic makeup look. I honestly think this gives you an almost false eyelash look. It’s definitely not natural, but looks amazing if you want a more statement look.

Legendary Lashes contains marine glycogen which stimulates hair follicle growth, and tamanu oil protect and strengthens your lashes. This was so important for me as I really want to promote healthy lashes as a first and foremost.

What’s amazing about both of the Charlotte mascaras is that personally, I find them both completely weightless. I barely even notice that they’re on my eyes, but to be fair, I feel this way about all of her makeup!

Have you guys tried out the Charlotte Tilbury mascaras? I’d love to know your favourite!


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