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S0 most of you will know at this stage that I am a yogi. I practice yoga every day and I find it one of the most grounding, relaxing and spiritual things that I do. Yoga not only benefits our mind and aids with meditation, but it also can help with flexibility, weight loss, toning and general fitness levels.

Desk Yogi is a website that I stumbled upon earlier this month. It aims to promote general health and happiness in the workplace through practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness. So many people in desk jobs find themselves not actually moving their body for hours on end, so the Desk Yogi program serves to remind you to stretch or perform a 3 to 10 minute desk yoga routine.

I was very kindly gifted a membership to Desk Yogi the yoga website and training program. I have been using for the last month, and personally I can say that I think it is a really fabulous idea. When you sign up, you are first asked a few questions about your lifestyle, what kind of work environment you work in, how stressed you are and how well you manage stress, what you want to achieve in fitness or yoga (i.e. feel happier, get fitter, just move about a bit) so that they can curate the best possible playlist of videos for you.

The playlists that I was suggested were all absolutely great. There are specific packs for pain relief which I found really beneficial as I tend to get some pain in my joints if I haven’t moved around for a while. You can get pain relief packs for your neck, shoulders, back, hands, feet, legs, arms, eyes and head.

My favourite packs were the Yoga for Re-Energising and Power Yoga, as I like to challenge myself a bit and feel refreshed and full of energy after exercising.

You can set up reminders on your computer to practice with Desk Yogi which I think a lot of people could benefit from.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that they also offer meditation courses. I think meditation and yoga go hand in hand and really aid each other in practice. Their meditations are very soothing and would fit perfectly into your work day, aiding you in feeling calmer and more in control.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that they offered videos on nutrition! Nutrition for reducing anxiety, brain food, and some general nutrition tips. It’s such a nice little bonus to offer this, and I wasn’t expecting it!

Overall I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience practicing yoga with Desk Yogi and I would highly recommend the program for anyone trying to get into yoga but maybe doesn’t know where to start, or is in a stiff sedentary work environment and needs help in knowing what you can practice at your desk and fit a little bit of exercise into your day.

More details can of course be found at and do let them know I sent you over if you end up contacting them or signing up!

Lots of love and have a great yoga practice!

From my heart to yours,
Namaste xx

*This service was very kindly gifted to me by Desk Yogi.


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