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What’s up guys?! Welcome back to my blog, or welcome if you’re new! Hello. Hi. Howayadoin.

Today, I’m starting a new series over here. Personally, I love Instagram and think it’s an awesome forum to find inspiration and see beautiful images about things you love. Every fortnightly Friday, I’ll be posting some of my favourite Instagram accounts across lots of different genres. Today’s genre is bloggers.

We all love to follow our favourite bloggers Instagram because we know we’ll see beautifully photographed images and will be inspired by that in some way. Here are my favourite bloggers Instagram accounts.

Also guys….. I just started a YouTube channel!! I’m so nervous and excited about it and I would love so much if you guys could go and check it out. I’ll leave the link right here.



Amelia Liana (@amelialiana)

Amelia Liana is a Blogger and YouTuber from London. She has the most beautiful Instagram feed, full of soft yet vibrant colours and flowers galore. The photography is absolutely beautiful and just scrolling through her feed gives me so much inspiration to get my own Instagram in any sort of order!

Lydia Elise Millen (@lydiaemillen)

Lydia is such an effortlessly stylish Blogger and YouTuber. Her style is super sophisticated and she always looks like such a lady. Recently, she became engaged to fellow blogger @AliGordon89 and I cannot wait to stay up to date with the wedding planning on her Instagram!

Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow)

Victoria is arguably the most successful fashion bloggers in the UK. Her laid back personality and bright demeanor shine through her photos and I feel so uplifted and inspired by her. Her feed is always full of beautiful travel and fashion photography full of vibrancy and life.

Freddy Cousin-Brown (@freddy)

Freddy’s Instagram is probably any teenage girl’s dream. Full of bright and pinky hues, her sweet and girly personality practically shines off the screen! If you want to know what an Instagram theme is, you need look no further than Freddy’s. Every photo fits perfectly in with the rest of her grid, and if I could get my life in order like she has her Instagram, I’d be very very happy!

Ellie Adams (@ellenextdoor)

Ellie Adams is someone that you feel you could be best friends with. Her lovely down-to-earth personality is evident throughout her Instagram photos. At the moment her feed is full of beautifully shot travel photos, and her bath photos are the ultimate goals.

Alex Centomo (@alexcentomo)

I feel like Alex’s Instagram is the digital embodiment of ‘good vibes’. She is a YouTuber from Canada and currently engaged to @DanJensenn. Her Instagram is full of chilled out beach and lifestyle photos and her overall attitude is so calming and grounding. I love following Alex because I feel like she is so much of what I aspire to be.

Kalyn Nicholson (@kalynnicholson13)

Kalyn is arguably my favourite YouTuber ever. No matter what I’m doing, if she uploads a video, I’m watching it! And it’s like that with so many of her followers. She has an absolutely infectious personality that shines through on all of her social platforms. Her Instagram has a really cool vibe to it that, to me, is a perfect blend of chilled out and majorly extra. I mean, c’mon, have you seen her apartment?? Can I please have one just like it??

Cornelia Grimsmo (@grimcorn)

I absolute adore following Cornelia because she’s a super cool, super chilled Norweigan vegan girl who practices the law of attraction. Her Instagram shows off her effortlessly cool style and gives us so much individuality and personality, which is something that is so easily lost in this industry.

Gina Shkeda (@everydaygins)

Also @ginashkeda. I mean, Gina has to be the most physically beautiful person on the entire planet, right?? I love following her main account to see all the amazing makeup she does, but her second account @everydaygins is super chilled vibes, showcasing some more lifestyle photos.

Harmony Nice (@peachycinnamon)

Harmony is a 20 year old YouTuber from Norwich. She is part of the Wicca faith, which I think is so amazing and cool. I’ve always been interested in Wicca as a ‘religion’ / lifestyle and think it’s so amazing to see someone slightly different from the norm amassing such a huge following. I love learning about different traditions and religions and Harmony has the most beautiful personality and is very open-minded. Her Instagram has the most gorgeous edits of her photos and is something mystical and ethereal to add to your day.

Tamara Kalinic (@tamara)

Tamara’s Instagram theme really reminds me of Amelia Liana’s, and yet they’re actually quite different. Currently in Santorini, Tamara’s photos are full of beautiful blues and whites and are giving me major travel envy. The wanderlust vibes are strong! I adore her girly yet sophisticated style and although I haven’t been following her long, I can’t wait to see more of her content!

Josie Fear (@josieldn)

Josie’s blog Fashion Mumblr has been my favourite by far for a long time now. I also adore her YouTube channel (by the same name). Her style is very sophisticated and chic, and something I love is that she knows what her style is and what suits her. She always looks beautifully put together and has the loveliest (and a little eccentric!) personality. Her excitement for life is palpable and her Instagram is full of beautifully poised photos that I can’t wait to see more of!

So that is it for my favourite Bloggers Instagram accounts! Let me know your favourites in the comments below and please do let me know what other categories you would like to see in this new ‘Instagram favourites’ series. Check out my own Instagram right here and I’ll see you all next time! x




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