What Are You Grateful for This Christmas? | BLOGMAS DAY 20

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

I’ve spoken briefly about how gratitude can completely transform a person’s life. It definitely has for me! Gratitude is something that most people think they feel, they’ll say “of course I’m a grateful person! I’m grateful for everything!” Whereas really, there is probably an awful lot we take for granted each and every day. Through learning about the law of attraction I have been writing gratitude journals every day, and also pausing numerous times throughout the day to really appreciate where I am, how I got there, how I’m feeling, etc.

Around Christmas time, no matter how or what you celebrate and in what faith, I think it is so important to feel and express gratitude. If not, then what are these holidays for?

Certainly Christmas has become so consumerised throughout time, but I think it’s still your decision whether you want to honour the original tradition. Like I was saying a few days ago, Yule is the perfect time to give thanks for what the universe and this world is providing for you.

Here are some things I’m grateful for this Yuletide:

  • The fact that I have a roof under my head.
  • The fact that I can study and am studying what I want to.
  • I have a fully functioning body that is more healthy than not.
  • I have legs and feet, which allow me to go anywhere and do anything I want to do.
  • I have arms, and hands. Think for a minute how difficult life would be without them.
  • My organs are all functioning and in great condition, which are keeping me alive, without me ever having to think about working them.
  • I have oxygen to breathe.
  • I always have enough food.
  • I always have enough clean water.
  • I have an abundance of material items and finances that some people do not. I consider this a great luxury and am truly grateful to have them.
  • I have a supportive family that I adore.
  • I have a supportive and loving boyfriend who only wants the absolute best for me.
  • My spirituality is strong, and I feel right with it.
  • I have an abundance of books to educate myself with.
  • I am incredibly grateful for my vocal talent and career options with it.
  • I am incredibly grateful for my mental health, which is thankfully improving, but also for the struggles that have made me who I am.
  • I am grateful for my heart, which is constantly working to keep me alive.
  • I am grateful for the Universe and my connection to it’s source energy.
  • I am grateful for the incredible education I have received and continue to receive.
  • I am grateful for all of the options I have in life right now.
  • I am grateful to be living in a country that does not suffer from extreme weather.
  • I am thankful to be living in a country that is not torn apart by war.

What are you grateful for this Christmas?


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