HUDA Beauty Rose Gold Palette | REVIEW

Eyeshadow palettes are fast becoming something I’m getting addicted to. This HUDA Beauty Rose Gold palette is no exception at all. I was drawn in by the sheer beauty of this palette and by the growing popularity of HUDA’s products. So naturally I wanted to try them out and get my own opinion.

Firstly, the range of colours in the palette is amazing. You can make so many different makeup looks with this one palette. What I also love about it is that it’s very easy to transition from day to night. You can create a more subtle day look and then add some of the more glittery shades and darken it up a bit for night. It’s incredibly versatile!

I did find it hard to get the glitter eyeshadow to actually stick. Next time I think I might dampen my brush slightly to get a better hold and more pigment. The matte colours were absolutely beautiful and went on my eyes really easily. They also blend together absolutely beautifully.

The only thing I’m not majorly keen on is cardboard packaging. When you compare the packaging to the likes of Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury it really doesn’t compare. It is an expensive palette, so I was hoping for a little bit more sturdy packaging. But it is undeniably a beautiful palette that I will use time and time again.

I’m definitely impressed with what I’ve seen so far from HUDA and I’m looking forward to trying more of their products in the future!

Please let me know if you would like any YouTube tutorials showing different looks using this palette too, that’s something I would love to create for you!


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