My Blogging Routine

Recently I uploaded a vlog of a typical blogging day for me. So today, I thought I’d make a post to go along with it. This is my average blogging routine for a productive day.


Writing a post

I know this is different to what most people do, but I always write my posts before I take the photos. Unless of course it’s a product shot, because I like to take photos of products as soon as I get them. Usually I’ll just write the bullet points of a posts paragraphs before I actually go and write it out properly, but sometimes, depending on the mood of the post, I’ll just start writing. Normally it takes one or two drafts before I’m eventually happy with it.


Take Photos

Sometimes this requires getting dressed up, doing my hair, and putting on makeup. But the best times are when I’m behind the camera and usually wearing pyjamas with a make-up-less face. ┬áThis can either be over in two minutes, or can take the guts of two hours. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my photos, and although they’re no where near the standard I’d like them to be, I try and take them as best I can.


Film / Edit a Video

Depending on the day, I’ll either film or edit a video for YouTube. Normally it doesn’t take too long to setup my lights and camera, but depending on whether or not I’ve decided to actually charge my camera, the time can vary between half an hour to two hours. I’ll normally film two videos in one day, and I’ll edit in bulk too.


Edit Photos

I’ll edit my blog photos while taking a break, eating or watching TV or YouTube. It takes me about a minute to edit one photo, but normally I’ll edit 40+ pictures at a time so it can take a bit of time.



This can be anything from tweets, blog posts, or Instagrams. I’ll schedule three tweets a day, normally I try to have one Instagram post up every second day at least, and at the moment my blog schedule is three posts a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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