My Experiences with a Medium

WARNING: If you don’t believe in mediums, or have a particularly small and closed mind, please don’t read this post. Click away now. You won’t enjoy it.

Two years ago, I was attending the Mind, Body and Spirit festival in Dublin’s RDS. This is where I had my first experience with a medium. I was so impressed with the experience, that I recently called her inquiring about a house call. Thankfully, she agreed and me and my family had one to one sessions with her this week. It was such an interesting experience and I’m going to tell you all about it!

The first thing that you need to know is that if you are going to see a medium, you want to make sure this person is actually ‘legit’. Just likeĀ any career, there can be people who will take advantage of you, overcharge, or not actually have ‘the gift’ at all, and are just hoping for the best. You want to look for someone with a good reputation, who you have heard good things about. If someone is associated with an established company or shop, then you can also be confident that they are honest and true. You want to have confidence in the person you are going to have the session with, and trust them.

Personally I like to set an intention before a session that I go to. I like to meditate on what I would like to come up. This particular time it was mainly health and career focused. You can also bring items that belonged to your loved ones who have passed. This can help them come through in the session, and you don’t need to tell the medium that you have them with you unless you want to.

Health wise, she was pretty spot on. She could tell me what foods made me sick, and what parts of my diet needed improving. Everything she said aligns with what my nutritionist was saying too. She also picked up on my slight gluten-intolerance, inability to digest fruit very well, and lactose-intolerance. She mentioned that I should be eating more fish, which absolutely will not be happening, considering I don’t eat anything that has a face. So definitely no fish! But pretty accurate on everything else.

Regarding my mental health, again I was very impressed. Most of what she said was exactly what my therapist says every time I see her. She was also able to say what the exact causes of my post-traumatic stress disorder were, which was just a little bit insane.

She picked up on some legal matters that I won’t be going into, and also a lot about the health of certain family members.

What was really amazing was that she could pick up the energy of my favourite childhood horse. It’s been part of my 2018 resolutions to get back into the saddle (literally) and start horse riding again. I’ve been told by lots of people that animals are a huuuuge part of my healing process so I think it will really help, and she really inspired me to look into doing that soon. Plus it means I can do a big clothes shop for new riding gear. How exciting!!

Usually during a reading you’ll also do some tarot cards. I personally read tarot cards myself and have four decks of them at home so this is probably my favourite part of the reading. Through the cards she told me that the creative project I’m currently working on (watch this space!) would be a success, that “music is your soul, it’s how you communicate with the world”, and also about some ideas I’ve been having regarding my writing. She said she could see multiple career paths I could choose, which is honestly something I’ve been struggling with now for years. So why not just pursue them all…? I’m rambling at this stage, but it really gave me a lot of food for thought.

Overall, I really love these kind of sessions. Not so much for what comes up, as I don’t think it’s a good idea for anyone to cling to bits of information on the future like a lifeline, but use it more as a way to reflect. It’s a really eye opening experience and can make you really think about how you’re living, reassess your goals or the person you’re becoming. I love getting different people’s perspectives on me.

Have you ever seen a psychic or a medium? Is it something that intrigues you? I’d love to know your opinions on it!


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