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Hello everyone and welcome back to Diaries of a Dramatic. Today, I’m going to be talking to you about my favourite blogs I like to read. As a lot of you may know, I absolutely adore reading. Be it books, magazines or blogs, I just can’t stop. I use the website BlogLovin to keep up with all my favourites, and I’d love if you guys could follow me there too! I’ll leave the link to my page right here.

Zoe Sugg (otherwise known as Zoella) as the most infectious personality. Her happy-go-lucky attitude and friendly way of speaking make you feel right at home reading her blog. This is especially true if you watch Zoe’s YouTube channel and are familiar with her personality. Her blog is full of a lot of her own personal excursions, as well as a heap of beauty and fashion, baking and other lifestyle content.

Ella is such an inspiration to me. You can read more about her and her story on her website ‘about’ page. Her main focus is her healthy, vegan recipes for all meals and ‘in-betweens’ you could ever need. I love her recipes and how creative she makes them! They aren’t ‘boring’ or ‘plant food’, but really rich nourishing meals. She also has a section dedicated on her website to lifestyle posts, such as happiness, fitness, beauty and general advice. Plus, she has her own book which you can order on her website!

I love Lydia’s blog for its diversity! Her style is absolutely amazing, and I love reading the lifestyle, beauty, fitness and travel sections too. She’s so down to earth and her personality is infectious!

Erika is a fashion blogger from Ireland. She lives in New York right now and her apartment (which you can check out on her YouTube channel) is absolutely to die for! Her style is super unique but what I love most about her fashion posts is that she always adds something extra, like ‘10 Things You Might Not Know About Me‘ or ‘5 Things You Need To Stop Worrying About‘.

I discovered Elle’s blog about six months ago and totally loved her down-to-earth personality and easy-going nature. She’s so real and utterly herself on her blog, and has been talking about really difficult topics lately.

Freddy Cousin-Brown is a London-based fashion blogger and YouTuber. Her blog is super girly and cute, but her outfits are so stylish and pretty. I love her style and often find myself purchasing some of the items that she’s showcased.

I stumbled upon the Brand Mentalist blog when I was scrolling through the Happiness Planner website (seeing if there was anything I hadn’t managed to buy yet!). I knew I was going to like it before I even read it because it’s written by the creator of the happiness planner itself! `And someone who can be so motivated and positive every day is someone who I want to read more content from. The blog features posts such as ‘the best way to deal with disappointment in life’ and ‘why throwing yourself into the unknown can be the best thing you can do to yourself’. If I’m ever feeling self-conscious or scared about the future, I click onto this blog and find endless streams of motivation and positivity.

Josie’s blog is one I only recently started to follow. She’s a fashion and travel blogger based in London. Her travels are always extravagant and beautiful and her posts give me serious wanderlust! She has a gorgeous elegant and lady-like sense of style that is very similar to my own and I love to see the outfits she puts together.

This blog has everything and anything you would want to know. With tabs such as career and finance, culture, fashion and beauty, living, travel, and wellness, there’s always going to be something you’ll want to read.

This girl’s blog is my go-to stop whenever I feel a jolt of wanderlust and need to plan my next holiday! She has everything from travel tips, to what to do in each area, and places to eat. If you love travelling and planning holidays like me, definitely check her blog out.




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