My Top-Three London Hotels

I’ve stayed in my fair share of hotels in London, all of them unique and different in their own way. Some are right in the middle of the city, while others have been more east-end. I’ve stayed in awful hotels, and I’ve stayed in luxury hotels. Here are my three favourite hotels to stay in in London.


M by Montcalm, Shoreditch

This is a favourite I have only discovered recently. I’ve only stayed in it once and I have already signed up to the hotel loyalty scheme. For one, the M Hotel is in Shoreditch, which is one of my favourite areas of London. It’s still in zone one but is a little bit more laid back than central London in my opinion. The rooms in this hotel are what I would call “super high tech” and have so many cool features. I’m horrific with technology so you can imagine my joy at the fact the curtains were remote controlled. There was also multiple-coloured mood lighting in the bedroom, complimentary Hermes bath and shower products, as well as coffee and tea to-go cups supplied in the room. How cute?! They had left GQ and Vogue magazines in the living area, and fresh fruit on the table too.

I think one of my favourite things about this room was the underfloor heating in the bathroom. I used to turn it on in the mornings and then sit on the bathroom floor to do my makeup. When it’s January in London, you’re thankful for any form of heat!

Lastly, I loved the fact that when booking this room you could select what kind of pillows you wanted, and what kind of scent you wanted in your room! This was such a cute personalised feature that made the whole trip just a stand out experience. The Club Lounge on the roof is the perfect place to relax with a drink after a long day if you’re in London on business, or if you’re lucky enough to be just visiting, somewhere you can plan your next day of sight-seeing.

For all of these features and experiences, I believe that the M by Montcalm is a very reasonably priced hotel. The Old Street tube station is a three-minute walk and it’s super easy to navigate your way around the capital from here.


The Kensington, Kensington

The Kensington is one of the most aesthetically beautiful hotels I have ever been to. I stayed here during my auditions for college for an entire week and I was so relaxed and zen in the Kensington that I hardly noticed the toll of the stress of the auditions was taking on me. Location wise you are in the most beautiful part of London, a ten-minute walk to the Royal Albert Hall and even less to the local museums. South Kensington tube station is a five-minute walk away and you’re right on the Circle and District line, so most of the major sights are accessible to you.

I’ve stayed here twice now, pre- and post-renovations. I honestly didn’t think they could improve it in any way. It has a pretty and classic style, and the lounge is one of the most comfortable places I have ever been. For hours I was sitting in a beautiful armchair by the window, beside a real fireplace, having afternoon tea whilst studying some of the greatest singers of this generation… I was in a complete state of bliss!

During my audition period, I had no energy to go for dinner somewhere else, so I ate every meal in the Kensington. Not once did I ever feel bored of the food or want for anything they couldn’t provide. They have a beautiful restaurant with a fabulous menu, and even their room service is beautifully displayed! Every morning I was delivered a full selection of fruits, bread, smoothies, tea, coffee… all to my hotel room! It made my whole audition process so much easier.

I quickly want to mention that they have the friendliest, most lovely staff I have ever come across. By the end of the trip, I was on a first name basis with two of the doorman, and my room service was always delivered by the same member of staff. Five-star service and high class are understatements.

Price wise, the Kensington is a high-end luxurious hotel, and the price mirrors that. I would highly recommend staying here if you are looking for elegance and sophistication in your hotel.


Marriott County Hall, Westminster

Anytime I’m in Westminster, I can’t help but waltz my way into the Marriot County Hall and have lunch, or tea, or whatever-excuse-I-can-think-of to make my way here! The last time I stayed here was six years ago and was staying in London for a little over a week. We were celebrating an important birthday, and this hotel was the perfect place to stay for that celebration.

The rooms are spacious and bright, with very high ceilings and beautiful views. Originally we were in a room over-looking the London Eye, and were later moved to a larger room with a spectavular room of Big Ben. If you are looking for a central London hotel, you can really do no better than the Marriot County Hall.

It is highly luxurious, and can cost almost £400 per night. However if you are very into hotels like I am, I do think it’s worth it.



Let me know if you have stayed in any of these beautiful hotels or if you have any more places to stay in London. I’d be so interested to hear your favourites!

*I am a member of both the Montcalm and Marriot loyalty system, however was not sponsored for this blog post.


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