Review of the Dyson SuperSonic Hair Dryer

Recently over on my Instagram, I asked you guys if you would be interested in hearing more about my haircare routine here on the blog. So what better time but to review my absolute life-saver hair-dryer; the Dyson SuperSonic.

My hair is incredibly long and really thick, and there’s lots and lots of it. Drying my hair before the Dyson used to take me upwards of an hour and a half, and that was without breaks. I would have to take breaks every 15 minutes because of my pathetic upper body strength and the weight of the hair dryer itself.

Using the Dyson, my hair is dry sometimes within 20 minutes, with no breaks. Let me repeat that, TWENTY FREAKING MINUTES.

Can you imagine my shock the first time I used this amazing dryer? To feel every part of my hair and find it bone dry? Honestly it seemed like witchcraft to me. So how the hell does it even work??

What really makes the Dyson stand out is it’s completely different is it’s shape. Unlike most hairdryers, it keeps it’s motor / power in the handle rather than in the head of the dryer, which of course makes it much lighter and more manageable to hold. Which in turn means you don’t need to take as many breaks! It also means the design of the hairdryer is much smaller and more compact and so much easier to travel with, which is always a huge plus for me considering I like to bring my hairdryer everywhere!

It comes with three different heads you can attach, one large one for naturally curly hair, and two smaller ones (one slightly wider than the other) that you can use depending on what effect you want.

The Dyson has completely changed my haircare routine and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble drying their hair, especially if you have particularly long and heavy hair like mine.

Even though it has a huge price tag, I think it is absolutely 100% worth it.

What are your favourite hairdryers at the moment? Is one on your wishlist? Do you hate blowdrying your hair? Let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you!!


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