Yes To Charcoal 2-Step Nose Kit | REVIEW

It was about this time last year when the whole charcoal face mask obsession first emerged. You couldn’t scroll through your social media without seeing someone painfully removing a charcoal face mask!

As always, I am extraordinarily late to the party. But I have always been curious, so I’ve decided to try one out.

Now, I have a particularly weird pain threshold. Sometimes, I’m fantastic with pain, and other ties I’m a complete wuss. And when it comes to stinging sensations, I fall on the side of ‘wuss’.

I was a little confused about the first step of this kit, but I know that it was meant to open up your pores. The nose strip itself was actually the second step. When it went on first it was fine, and to be honest I didn’t feel any sensations at all.

When it came to actually peeling the thing off my nose, that was a whooooooole different story. The pain was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The worst part was that the strip was too big for me and stuck to the delicate area of my under eyes. That was definitely the most painful part to peel off!

I was a little disappointed looking at the strip and not seeing any real ‘dirt’ that had come off, it was more just dead skin. I don’t really struggle at all with spots or clogged pores though so it wasn’t unexpected!

However my skin was so incredibly smooth after washing off the residue. It felt really clean and like the product had done it’s job.

If you do struggle with clogged pores I would definitely recommend picking up this product.


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