Surviving Christmas as a Vegan | BLOGMAS DAY 14

Christmas can seem like the most daunting thing as a vegan, or even a vegetarian! I’m often asked “but what the hell do you even eat at dinner??” and I’m always slightly baffled by the question. The whole meal actually contains more non-meat/dairy products than actual meat/dairy products! However, I do understand it can be daunting trying to figure out what to eat this Christmas as a vegan, so I’ve put together this guide. I hope it helps!

Eat What Everyone Else is Eating

Yep, point one seems like such a simple one. As I said earlier, more of the food you eat at Christmas is vegan friendly than not. Roast and mashed potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and all the other vegetables that go with it. You can make a pretty substantial meal just out of veggies alone!

Add a Substitute for the Meat

Honestly it doesn’t matter what this is. You can get great meat alternatives in most supermarkets and health stories, such as to-furkey and the like, and the taste is practically the same. If you don’t really like these meat alternatives, like I don’t, no worries! Just substitute the protein with something else, like couscous or quinoa which are incredibly easy to cook and can really bulk up a meal, or else use tofu seasoned and flavoured to how you like it!

Ignore Everyone Else, You Do You!

Last year my uncle, who’s a vegetarian, just said ‘fuck it’ to tradition and for Christmas dinner he had vegetarian sausages and veg. One Christmas when I was younger, I just reeeeeally wasn’t hungry. So I had a salad and lots of brown bread. WHO CARES WHAT YOU EAT! As long as you’re happy and enjoying it, it’s your business! If you don’t really like all the components that go along with a Christmas dinner, just cook your favourite meal instead and bring it with you!

Ask Would Anyone Mind Substituting Some Foods With Vegan Alternatives

This could be the gravy, the dessert, the starter, or if you’re particularly adventurous you could see whether your family would be interested in eating meat alternatives. Having more vegan options on the day that everyone will be eating makes you feel a little more included.

Bring Your Own Snacks

This is a rule I live by as a vegan, not just around Christmas time! Never leave the house without a variety of little snacks to take with you, in case food isn’t provided for you wherever you’re going. I find subscription boxes like The Vegan Kind great for this because they give you such an option of snack foods and it really helps me find things I can carry around if I need to eat something.

So those are all of my tips and tricks on how to survive Christmas as a vegan! Let me know if you have a kind of restricted diet like veganism and how you cope around the holidays?


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