My Usual Christmas Day Routine | BLOGMAS DAY 16

7.00am: Wake up, head downstairs and spend some time with my family.

7.30am: Get dressed in something simple, and get ready to leave.

8.15am: Leave together and head to wherever we will be volunteering.

2.00pm: After a long day of volunteering, either at homeless shelters or animal shelters, we will come back home.

2.30pm: On the way home we will call into my uncle’s home to see my cousins. We normally don’t stay too long as we need to get home to get dinner ready.

3.30pm: My mother will finish off whatever she started yesterday when it comes to cooking and my two aunts who we have over at Christmas will help out. I’ll start preparing my vegan alternative.

4.30pm: This is the time where we tend to eat.

6.00pm: From 6pm onwards we’ll all move into the lounge area and just relax and talk. An argument will eventually break out over an intense discussion of politics, egged on by my aunt who starts the drama but then never gets involved in the actual argument. One uncle will always get that little bit too drunk on whiskey and fall asleep, breaking a glass or two in the process. But sure hey, would we be Irish if that didn’t happen.

8.00pm: By this stage everyone will have left and mother, father and I will normally sit down to play Monopoly whilst watching a Harry Potter film. Normally I’ll be asked a little bit about why I don’t celebrate Christmas for what it’s meant to be, and we’ll have a discussion about Wicca and Buddhism, in recent years, it’s all gotten very respectful.

And that’s how I like it, quiet, quaint and with as little fuss and drama as possible. We generally avoid some family members around this time just to avoid the hustle and drama (see my post here on how to avoid family drama this Christmas!)


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