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So if you subscribe to my YouTube channel (link here if you’d like to come over and support me there!) then you’ll know that I do a monthly unboxing and taste test of The Vegan Kind subscription box over there. I try out the box with my boyfriend who’s an omnivore, my mother who’s pescatarian, and of course I’m transitioning to a fully vegan lifestyle. I think it’s good to get different prospects too because taste is such a personal and subjective thing!

So as I mentioned I normally unbox The Vegan Kind box on my Youtube channel, but I’m doing a little bit of a YouTube relaunch at the moment, and you guys here on my blog seem to love food content more than my YouTube audience do. So I thought I’d try putting the taste test here and see what you guys prefer! So do let me know if you like this post in the comments below!

We had a really lovely box this month with great stuff in it! So let’s get straight into it.

Chika’s Chickpea Crisps

The Chika’s Crisps are gluten-free, vegan and 100% natural.

Shauna (vegan): To be honest, I didn’t really like these at all. They’re way too spicy for me and I really don’t like the flavours. It’s nice crisp in itself, as in there’s nice crunch to it, I’d probably like it if it wasn’t so heavily spiced. I’m going to give them a 4/10.
Aaron (omnivore):  These are such an easy substitute for normal tortilla chips, there’s a really nice spice off of them. You would honestly never know they were made from chickpeas. I’d give them a 7/10.
Elaine (pescatarian): A nice healthy crisp opinion! I don’t like spicy things but these aren’t too spicy. There’s a lovely crunch from it! I’m giving these a 7/10 too.

Bella Bites

These coconut Bella Bites are really healthy and use nourishing whole food ingredients like coconut oil which is so good for your skin and hair, they also really boost the immune system and your metabolism. They also won “Best Grab & Go Healthy Snack” for 2016 @ICQFA Awards.

Shauna (vegan): These aren’t bad. I’m not a big fan of coconut but these are actually alright. They’re just so light they’re like little puffs of air. I’d give them a 7/10.
Aaron (omnivore): These smell delicious and they are absolutely amazing! I love coconut flavoured anything anyway but these are really fresh. 10/10 from me!
Elaine (pescatarian): Very very light. It’s really just like a whole bunch of coconut bunched together that breaks apart in your mouth. Really lovely! 10/10 from me too.

Peakz Crunch Salted Caramel Chocolate Squares

These are made with chocolatier quality Belgian dark chocolate with a crunchy  wholegrain core. They contain B12 and iron, and also are high in fibre. They’re the perfect snack when you’re on the go!

Shauna (vegan): These aren’t too bad. There’s not much caramel off of them at all. They’re not something I’d reach for all the time but I can see myself eating them if I was stuck. 6/10.
 Aaron: (omnivore): The texture and the taste is nice, but I just don’t love the whole dark chocolate thing. It’s a lesser dark chocolate which is nice, but I still prefer the milk chocolate unfortunately. 6/10.
Elaine (pescatarian): They actually remind me of Rice Krispies covered in chocolate! They’re really lovely! 10/10 from me.

Love Corn

LOVE CORN is the UK’s first premium roasted corn brand, it’s also vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and high in fibre.

Shauna (vegan): Waayyyy too hot for me. I don’t like these at all. There’s a nice crunch but the spicy stuff just isn’t for me. 4/10 I think.
Aaron (omnivore): I think they’re great. Like I’d give them a 9/10 definitely. I love spicy food so the chilli powder off of it is really nice.
Elaine (pescatarian): They’re a bit too hot for me. They’d be really lovely if they weren’t so hot. They’re crunchy but not too hard that they hurt you’re teeth. I’d give them 8/10.

Candy Cane

There’s not much to say for this other than a vegan peppermint candy cane.

Shauna (vegan): Absolutely delicious! Really minty but with a kind of sweet touch. I could definite have more and not feel too sick. 100% a 10/10.
Aaron (omnivore): Yeah I don’t know, it’s not as hard as a normal candy cane, which is nice. It’s very very chewy though, and it gets stuck to your teeth if you do try and chew it. It’s a 7/10 for me.
Elaine (pescatarian): Really lovely peppermint taste, definitely a sweeter candy cane than I’ve ever had before. It’s also very soft and wouldn’t hurt your teeth. 10/10 from me.

Groupie A Boozy Christmas

This is a “spicy mix of fruits, nuts, and crystallised finer infused in a mix of Biddenden vegan cider and French brandy before being full enrobed in 54% couverture chocolate”.

Shauna (vegan): I’m allergic to nuts so I can’t eat these!
Aaron (omnivore): 
I actually had to spit these out. The taste is awful. It tastes like Christmas cake which I just hate. 1/10.
Elaine (pescatarian): I’d give them a 4/10. They are stronger than the last time we tried hem and I think it’s the brandy. I just don’t like them.

Harpers Holy Moley Candle










People always forget that candles are made with beeswax and therefore not vegan. So these beautiful candles are made with soy wax and are entirely cruelty-free.

Shauna (vegan): It’s kind of a weird smell to me, it’s nice but it hits the back of your throat is a strong way. Am I making sense? I find it a little overpowering. It’s kind of like a berry candy smell?
Aaron (omnivore): Very fruity, really nice, perfect for around the holiday.
Elaine (pescatarian): It’s a cinnamon pauperie smell to me, really really lovely. I can’t wait to burn it in the kitchen!


Overall it was a really great box! Let me know if you prefer this version of the unboxing.



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