Winter Obsessions and Essentials | BLOGMAS DAY 8

Winter this year has been particularly tough for me. Dealing with recovery from both mental and physical illnesses, along with family struggles and illness (see more in my life update here), this winter has really tested my strength. Here are the comforts and essentials I’ve been relying on this year to help me get through.

Meditation Apps

I know I praise meditation apps all the time over here on my blog, but I really can’t stress enough how much just 15 minutes of meditation a day can help. It’s been such a lifesaver for me just to have those minutes to completely clear my mind and just focus on breathing. There’s a reason so many people encourage it!

Fluffy Blankets

Because is there anything more comforting?? I’ve been working under fluffy blankets for this whole winter and it just really brings an extra level of calm to my day. Feeling warm and safe really helps to calm the rising anxiety we can all get around the holidays.

Oversized Scarfs

When you actually do have to venture into the outside world, there is nothing better than a huge oversized scarf to keep your throat warm and protected, and you can also pull it up around your mouth and nose to keep your whole face warm! I hate when the wind blows in my face and catches my breath, so wearing enormous scarfs acts as a barrier and helps me to breathe a little easier.


There’s nothing that gets me out of my own head more than diving headfirst into a beloved fantasy series. I feel like I read very few new books in the winter and instead find myself revisiting all of my favourites. I think it brings some level of comforting nostalgia to me reading my favourite stories again and again. This year I’ve been re-reading Harry Potter, The Heroes of Olympus, and A Court of Thorns and Roses.



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