Yes To Coconut Lip Kit | REVIEW

It’s rare on Diaries of a Dramatic that I feel the need to give a bad review. But I promised you guys when I hauled these products on my Youtube channel that I would give my honest review on them for you, so here we are. I’m surprised because Yes To products are actually some of my favourites! My ultimate favourite has to be their Yes To Grapefruit body wash that smells absolutely incredible and I use every single time I shower.

I’ll start by saying that as a whole, I’m not really interested in these masks that target certain areas of the face. I know I can definitely be a little lazy when it comes to masks, so I like to use one I can just pop on, leave for a while, and get on with my day. This is a very fiddly kind of kit, and to be honest required more work than I thought.

Step One was to apply an exfoliating lip scrub to the lips. If you’re a fan of things that taste like a sweet version of a coconut, then you won’t be too adverse to the scrub, but personally I hated the taste. I found myself grimacing and gagging every time a bit of the product made it past my lips and into my mouth. It definitely wasn’t for me. Not to mention it took a solid 5 minutes to wash off, it was so awfully sticky. It absolutely wasn’t an easy process.

Once my lips were exfoliated it was time to move on to Step Two. This was the actual lip mask as such, and it was supposed to stick to the curves of my mouth. The mask itself came out of the packaging completely and utterly bone dry. There was no way it was going to stay on my lips, but for the sake of this review I lay on my bed for 15 minutes with this dry mask laying limp over my lips. Safe to say, it did really nothing.

The packing says it is meant to give the lips a fuller appearance. My lips were just red, with no extra body in them whatsoever. What was even worse, was that you could actually feel the exfoliation product linger for hours later. It wasn’t until I woke up the next morning that the sensation had gone.

All in all I was definitely not a fan of this product. Nor was I much of a fan of the Yes To Cucumber Two-Step Eye Kit or the Yes To Charcoal Two-Step Nose Kit. They just don’t seem to work for me.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a product you were actually quite hyped about? Have you ever tried Yes To as a brand? Let me know!

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  1. Lucy
    February 8, 2018 / 8:13 pm

    You are so right. Best to be honest. Sounds like too much hard work. I do like face masks and use them once à week or twice a week in winter. Lip mask is a step to far for me.

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