Yes To Cucumbers 2-Step Eye Kit | REVIEW

Hello everyone and welcome back to another review here on Diaries of a Dramatic. Today I’m going to be reviewing Yes To’s YesTo Cucumbers Soothing 2-Step Eye Kit. I’m just going to briefly apologise for my lack of posting on all social platforms this week, we’ve just been through the wars with our third emergency this weekend. Thank you for sticking with me and hopefully I’ll be back to posting blog posts and Youtube videos on a regular schedule, as well as updating you through Instagram and Twitter.

Getting straight into the review. I was really excited to try this eye kit. I’ve been really interested in the brand Yes To for a while now (you can see my haul of their products here) and I adore how they’re mostly vegan, entirely cruelty free, organic and natural. Some of their products have been real hits with me, while others have been misses. For me this Eye Kit stands somewhere in between.

It was really easy to apply, and stayed on without me having to stay still which is always a plus. A few seconds after I put it on, it started to sting. Normally I think this is a sign that the product is working, but it didn’t really feel like a ‘good’ sting, if that makes any sense? Tingling is a sign the mask is working, but this was causing me pain.

I left the eye mask on for 10 minutes as recommended and to be honest was relieved when the time came to take them off. It left huge red marks all around my eyes that hurt to touch and also looked like it had taken off a few layers of skin. The eye area is so sensitive and I just think this product was extremely harsh for an area that should only be exposed to gentle products and ingredients.

Step 2 of the eye kit was a cooling cucumber eye cream to apply to the area. For me, this eye cream just made my face heat up and I felt like my skin had been really irritated.

After a few minutes the skin around my eyes felt firm, but also very very tight. It wasn’t what I was hoping for at all.

To be honest I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have sensitive skin because it seems a bit harsh for the delicate under eyes. I won’t be repurchasing unfortunately, which is a shame as I really wanted to enjoy this product.

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