Zoeva Makeup Brushes | My Collection and Review

About a year ago I decided that I was going to stop using and purchasing makeup products that still tested on animals. I think that in this day and age, if smaller companies can afford not to test on animals, then surely the bigger companies can do. The way the animals are treated in the testing labs is absolutely disgusting and I think if everyone saw how these animals were treated, they would think twice about using certain products.

Something that some people don’t even think of when making the change to cruelty-free products are makeup brushes. Most makeup brushes use real animal hair. (Kinda nauseating to me, thinking about rubbing animal hair all over my face…) So last December I decided to get rid of my old makeup brushes (which were admittedly worse for wear and desperately calling out to me to upgrade). I went on a major spree and bought a whole new collection of makeup brushes.


You may be thinking what the heck could you possibly need with 30+ brushes?? The answer is, I really, really like getting creative with makeup when I can.

I fell completely in love with Zoeva’s brushes. They were a beautiful deep brown wood with a rose gold metal grip and the same colour engraving on the handle. The hairs were so extremely soft and amazing when applying the makeup.

They also clean really beautifully and return to their natural colour without any staining I found.

Beautiful, practical, and cruelty-free… what’s not to love?

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